A unique flooring solution to showcase stylish Danish kitchen designs

A unique flooring solution to showcase stylish Danish kitchen designs

HTH has been producing kitchens for more than 50 years. The company exemplifies stylish Danish design, while delivering high-quality workmanship and excellent service.

It has been said that an HTH kitchen is more than just a kitchen: it's a feeling of coming home. This has been the case since 1966, when the two craftsmen Hans Henning and Tonny Haahr felt they could build a better kitchen than the ones that were currently on the market.

The company doesn’t offer standard kitchens – every HTH kitchen is an expression of the wide range of possibilities offered by their range, resulting in a space which truly reflects the owner’s personality.

The showroom in Stockholm reflects home kitchens, which are often the heart of the house. This means the floor coating needs to be resistant to foot traffic, splashes and mess from food preparation.

Floor coatings for the heart of the home

HTH’s inspiring kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes can all be seen in the HTH showroom in Stockholm. The showroom building was due to be renovated and all the floors totally renewed. To find the right floor coating solution for the new design, HTH got in touch with Tikkurila. Together the two companies considered home kitchens – they’re often the heart of the home, where people gather and modern life is lived. This means foot traffic, splashes and mess from food preparation can all influence a floor’s appearance.

Kitchens are messy places – water gets splashed, we spill food and things get dropped and broken. How much abuse should the floor be able to withstand? In our opinion: all of that and more!” says Simon Andersson, Technical Consultant.

Beautifully practical

Whether building or renovating, the two most important considerations are practicality and aesthetics – it is often thought that it is hard to achieve both, but combining them will always bring the best results. This is as true of flooring as anything else: the floor surface must be resistant to wear, but still inspiring and attractive. This is where Tikkurila’s solutions really stand out.

Easy to maintain with excellent soundproofing

The right floor finish can have a huge impact on the aesthetics of a space, making it more attractive and harmonious. Tikkurila provided HTH with the M1-classified, low-emission Cozy Floor system in two shades of grey, RAL 7036 Platinum grey (NCS 4500) and RAL 7004 Signal grey (NCS 3500). Cozy Floor is flexible and pleasant underfoot while having excellent durability in areas with heavy traffic. It also offers excellent soundproofing properties to improve acoustics, helping make spaces quieter and more pleasant for people to spend time in. This makes it ideally suited to commercial and public buildings such as schools, kindergartens, stores and offices.

A unique design opportunity

The Cozy Floor system is also a beautiful choice for home interiors, especially in larger kitchens and dining rooms, where there is a desire for an even floor surface that looks aesthetically pleasing and is easy to maintain. It can also be used for heated floors.

Cozy Floor offers a contemporary finish and can be tinted to any colour to create exactly the right look and feel for the space in question. This offers huge opportunities to play with colour and pattern, as well as to match floors more easily with other room elements. There’s no need to restrict your design to a single colour either – different colours and patterns can be combined, for example to imitate natural stone or marble.

The store interior of HTH’s showroom is unique, and every detail is important. That is why HTH entrusted the floor coating to Tikkurila’s experts. On this particular floor, the contractor and customer chose to mix two different colours in a contemporary way. This gives the floor a unique look and durable finish that will mask any spills.
Simon Andersson, Technical Consultant

Respect for nature and the environment

HTH makes kitchens that have been created with care for both people and the environment. This aligns with Tikkurila’s focus on developing solutions that improve indoor air quality, with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduced emissions. Tikkurila’s range includes several M1-classified products, EPD-verified water-borne coatings and paint systems that meet the LEED and BREEAM classification requirements. Our customers trust us to deliver high-performance products that extend maintenance intervals and reduce the environmental impact of buildings across their life cycle. 

Want to hear more about our solutions? Tikkurila's experts are always here to help you find the right product or solution.

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